One Step at a Time

fresh on the int'l dev scene, traversing the developmental landscape in search of a place to lay my head, find my feet and sink my teeth


I am the Institute Co-ordinator for the Sheffield Institute of International Development (SIID). I am responsible for the operational and administrative management of the institute, coordinating the institute’s programme of activities and supporting research development.  I hold an MSc in Environmental Change & International Development from The University of Sheffield, and will remain an ‘ID generalist’ until I find a specialism that suits my strengths.

Though my interests span a range of issues in development, my previous research has typically concerned the socio-political discourses surrounding climate change in the developing world. In 2012, I undertook primary research exploring the environmental and social implications of increased migration into a rural settlement in north-west Kenya. During my degree, I also researched wider topics concerning emerging forms of governance and urbanisation in Latin America, and the challenge this poses for climate change adaptation. More recently I have been reading around issues pertaining to (but not exclusive to) the emerging patterns of development, democracy and participation in middle-income countries, as well as the emerging middle class in lower-income countries.

To see a breakdown of my previous work experience, see my LinkedIn.

I’m also on Twitter and AidSource.

UPDATE: I started this blog in the hopes that I might get my brain working again- since finishing the masters my ‘thinking cap’ has been buried under many other commitments, and I was beginning to worry that my ‘writing cap’ may soon be lost forever. This is a means of me working through my writers block, and if it sometimes seems like incoherent rambling, then it probably is (this being a prime example). I’m working on the theory that if I ramble enough I might start to make sense, both in my head and on paper.


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