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fresh on the int'l dev scene, traversing the developmental landscape in search of a place to lay my head, find my feet and sink my teeth

Reading List 31/01/2013

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  • 3 challenges for science and democracy after Rio +20  Melissa Leach outlines the argument for a science-led agenda in development. (I particularly like the idea of ‘expert citizens’)
  • #devcliches Proof, if anyone needed it, that the development community are the most self-deprecating of all
  • Enough food for everyone, IF…  Following the launch of the IF campaign last week, Make Wealth History outlines some of the most glaring omissions
  • Is Green Growth Good for the Poor?  World Bank report discussing the trade-offs within the rising trend for ‘green growth’ strategies
  • Arguing about a Revolution  Rosalind Eyben describes the bumpy road to social change in Bolivia, and what happens when the middle-man is no longer needed
  • Voluntourism & Children  Hanna Voelkl provides an interesting summary of her dissertation, which looks at the effects of voluntourism on local children, using the case study of an orphanage in Ghana.

Author: Nicole Roughton

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